Process Transformation Method

 We are here to experience the very best things out of life- whatever that means to you. It's all about the feelings you get towards what your experiencing.

As a being literally made of the divine universe you deserve to have it all! So, what's preventing you from having everything you want?

Chakra Healing

The Chakra system is the spiritual nervous system with 7 channels in the body for energy to flow through. What happens they're blocked?

Self Care 101

You have to get selfish in order to create the life you want! This digital workbook and private session will help map out the steps you need

3 Day EFT Workshop

A bundle of the 3-Day EFT videos, a digital workbook and a private session with me to take your EFT practice to the next level! 

10 Day Meditation Challenge

Transcend your practice with this Meditation Challenge. Gain focus and clarity like never before with this day by day framework.

Honor Your Awakening Live Workshop

Solidifying the foundation of your journey to becoming happy, healthy, prosperous and aligned.
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3 Day EFT Journey

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is a liberating exercise where you actively practice releasing whatever you need to in you current moment

3-Day Healing Retreat

Creating momentum through deprogramming. We'll set intentions, have a guided meditation and then reveal and blocks within the Chakra system.

Getting Focused- Defining Your AIM

An exceptional tool to help you get clear on where and what you want AIM your focus.

When you heal, we all heal.

Hi! Deni Van here! I'm a Meta-Physician, author, host of Heartfelt Awakening Radio, and creator of spiritual & personal development courses and live training's that help people across the world honor their awakening! Heartfelt Awakening is about community and giving you  the tools to heal a multitude of spiritual symptoms and step into role of being the change makers we so desperately need. Changing the world starts within 

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