3 Day EFT Journey by Deni Van

3 Day EFT Journey

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is a liberating exercise where you actively practice releasing whatever you need to in your current moment

Emotional Freedom Technique

Or EFT is a wonderful and oh so simple of a resource that you can use for a multitude of things. 
Feeling overwhelmed in a crowd.
Having an emotional reaction to pain
Or even practicing becoming more aware when you're responding to symptoms of PTSD

During this 3 day exercise You will be guided through several techniques of how to implement this healing practice for yourself. You will be given examples of affirmations you can use to get reconnected within your body and the state of mind you would like to be in. 
This is a tool that you can use in almost any situation for the rest of your life!

What's included?

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Aligning Body, Breath and Spirit with EFT Day 1
Aligning Body Breath and Spirit with EFT Day 2
Aligning Body Breath and Spirit with EFT Day 3

Energetically align yourself to create self-healing, confidence, and financial abundance

Deni Van is a Reverend Dr. Hypnotist, and Spiritual Guide showing you the 'how to' with Self Directed Healing on Multidimensional Levels for Clarity, Connection, Communication, and Change helping you accelerate your personal, professional, and spiritual growth! She is a  Speaker, Author, host of Heartfelt Awakening Radio, and creator of personal, professional, and spiritual development courses and training's that help people across the world heal to step into their dreams. 
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