Chakra Healing by Deni Van

Chakra Healing

Discover and heal energy blocks to restore your natural energy flow allowing yourself to align mind body breath and spirit.

The Chakra system is much like a spiritual nervous system.

 There are 7 main energy channels that work together causing energy to flow freely though the body. 

But what happens when one of these channels are blocked?
If you're experiencing any symptoms such as:
Not being able to see truth for what what it is
Difficulty communicating your needs
Closing yourself off to others
Lack of motivation of will power
Lack of interest in things that once made you passionate to create
Instability or lack of community
or even
Sleeplessness/ body pain

You energy may be bound and unable to flow throughout your body.

Discovering which of your Chakras is blocked and clearing the way allows the energy to flow once again.

Once your channels are unblocked and your energy flow is restored- you can move mountains, refocus and manifest your desires with ease.


Deni is truly a shining light... She is professional and skilled; each adjustment gave relief to my body. I walked in with tension in my shoulders and neck, and I walked out feeling relief and lightness in my body... I am calm, centered and relaxed in my body after this treatment. I highly recommend her services. I'm looking forward to working with Deni in the future!
Jenna Kiolbasa


What will I need for this?

Nothing at all- except for maybe something comfortable to wear. If you're calling in on your phone it might be a good idea to have your phone completely charged or plug it in so there's no interruptions.

How does this work?

We'll get together either over the phone or in person if we're close to the same location. I will help you ground center and identify which of your chakras are blocked, causing you the symptoms your experiencing. 

How is this different than a guided meditation I can find on my own?

While most meditations you might find are broad and meant for all who listen- this guided meditation and chakra clearing is specifically designed around YOU and your symptoms. This ensures that you align, connect and HEAL at the source.

During your spiritual journey and practice if you find the perfect resource that resonates with you please use them!  There are many more exercises and practices provided at
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