Self Care 101 by Deni Van

Self Care 101

The struggles you are experiencing in your relationship starts with an inner struggle. By creating a Self Care ritual with these 14 simple steps, you can rewire those struggles to transform your relationships inside and out!

Hey I'm Deni!

My Selfish Valentine virtual retreat weekend is all about how to get freaking selfish! 

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, the first and most important relationship you must have is with yourSelf. This is why I created My Selfish Valentine Virtual Retreat!

Begin where you are right now while you learn how to activate a new perspective and inner frequency starting with you!
Let's Get Started

Get Selfish!

Make yourself a priority with a weekend full of Self Care by Implementing 14 small things you can do for yourself right now!

Make these life changing shifts within and attract the relationship you desire or improve the relationship you're already in!

If you want to

  • Define the lack you're feeling in your relationships
  • Heal from past relationships
  • Get clear on your purpose and the type of person you want to draw to you
  • Create Inner Harmony in your relationship with yourself and those around you
  • Create a path of success and happiness 
  • Learn how you can improve your romantic relationship 
  • Manifest the healthy relationships you desire

Then it's time to get Selfish! 


Deni is amazing. She works with you and guides you towards expanding your awareness and ultimately changing your life. I very much recommend working with Deni!
Sean M. Cruz
Thank you so much for your lovely message
It was so meaningful to me. This is just perfect for me. You are much appreciated!
Jaque Jackie
Thank you so so much! I love this conceptual knowledge you're calm and peaceful and wonderful to listen to. Thank you for your service!
Rebecca Schlifer

In this 3 day Retreat

I've included everything you need to know including:

  • 14 simple steps to get freaking selfish
  • How to finally stop chasing your desire and instead have them gravitate towards you in abundance
  • 4 Hours of Live Training without leaving the comfort of your home- over a $400 value
  • Details on how to get clear on what you need in a relationship
  • Create custom rituals for your own self care needs
  • Create transparent boundaries
  • Learn how to rewire your struggles to transform your relationships.

The Amazing Value You Get!

* No need to travel saving you hundreds $$$

*14 Things You Need to Know about getting selfish, learn Self Care

*FREE download - guided meditation MP3 

*Customized Self Care plan valued at $111

*Access to all the training videos after the event - $$priceless

*4 one hour group intensive calls valued at $400

        -ALL for LESS than the price of a one way plane ticket! 
I'm Ready To Get SELFISH!

Energetically align yourself to create self-healing, confidence, and financial abundance

Deni Van is a Reverend Dr. Hypnotist, and Spiritual Guide showing you the 'how to' with Self Directed Healing on Multidimensional Levels for Clarity, Connection, Communication, and Change helping you accelerate your personal, professional, and spiritual growth! She is a  Speaker, Author, host of Heartfelt Awakening Radio, and creator of personal, professional, and spiritual development courses and training's that help people across the world heal to step into their dreams. 

What's included?

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Time to Love You!
10 minute guided meditation
11 mins
Self Care 101 Workbook.pdf
189 KB
Done with the workbook? Schedule an appointment here!


Are these sessions live?

Yes! We meet 4 times over the weekend with plenty of time in between to do homework and reflect. 
Step #1 would be to put all the dates and times we are meeting and setting an alarm to alert you when we are meeting. 

Friday we meet once
Saturday we meet twice and 
Sunday we meet and celebrate. 

What if I can't make it to the live session?

If you know in advance, please post any questions you may want answered for that session. You'll have access to the replay and will be able to review at your convenience.  

Can my partner join me?

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