Process Transformation Method by Deni Van

Process Transformation Method

Healing on a super conscious level is so much more simple and attainable than we've been lead to believe.

You are the Genie and the Bottle

 We are here to experience the very best things out of life- whatever that means to you. It's all about the feelings you get towards what your experiencing.

So if you don't like the way you're life feels right now, let's start reprogramming all the limitations preventing you from having everything you want!

With the Process Transformation we'll show you how you can:
  • Start living in abundance and Flow
  • Relieve your physical ascension symptoms
  • Start receiving more of the things you actually want and what to do when you can feel that you're out of alignment
That's Exactly What I Need!

Magic Happens in The Process Transformation Method

Weekly Calls

 Self Directed Healing and Reprogramming sessions every week to receive customized action steps that will help you get from what you’re experiencing now to receiving what you actually WANT. 

Exclusive Mentorship

 You will have access to Deni for weekly guidance as well as accountability sessions from the Transformation Team. We are here together to fully support you in the process of raising your vibration. 

Perfect! I'm ready to Join!

Uplifting Community

In order to create the reality you desire it’s important to surround yourself with people who get the process that you’re going through! We are here to expand our powerful energy and support those ready for the same!


She is absolutely a blessing! I am so thankful the universe brought her vibes and energy to my life!
Shauna Hryhorash

There's nothing that you have to fix!

You already have everything you need in order to create the reality you envision for yourself.

With The Process Transformation we can show you how to STAY in your power to continuously RISE!
Creating this new reality can be an incredible and almost *unbelievable* experience!
You'll be able to:
  • Live in abundance and flow
  • Live in gratitude, celebration, and self fulfillment
  • Live in a reality that's so energetically aligned that your desires happen almost as soon as you think about them!

You don't have to fall back into self-sabotaging patterns.

Your results WILL feel like pure magic.
Sounds Amazing- I'm Ready!


What is this?

The Process Transformation is a monthly membership subscription where we get together exclusively multiple times through the month to raise our vibration on a collective level

How much does it cost?

The Process Transformation Method is a $97/month subscription that you can cancel at any time

This is interesting, but I've studied A LOT on my own. How do I know if this is right for me?

We see this all the time actually. Most of the members that we talk to say they've done it all and yet they're still missing this key thing that they just can't find. 

If you're ready to leave your current mindset behind, if you're ready to open the way for amazing new things to finally start happening, then the universe heard you and presented this opportunity. You're exactly in the right place and in the most perfect moment in time!
 Deni is amazing! After 2 phone conversations she successfully removed mental blocks that I have been carrying and struggling with for years.  I feel more healthy and hopeful than I have in decades! She is an angel! 
I'm IN! Sign me up!

Energetically align yourself to create self-healing, confidence, and financial abundance

Hi! Deni Van here! I help you accelerate your personal, professional, and spiritual growth! I'm a Speaker, Author, host of Heartfelt Awakening Radio, and creator of spiritual and personal development courses and training's that help people across the world honor their awakening! Heartfelt Awakening is about community and giving you  the tools to heal a multitude of spiritual symptoms and step into your purpose! Changing the world starts within! 

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