Process Transformation Method by Deni Van

Process Transformation Method

Healing on a super conscious level is so much more simple and attainable than we've been lead to believe.

Genie and the Bottle

 We are here to experience the very best things out of life- whatever that means to you. It's all about the feelings you get towards what your experiencing.

As a being literally made of the divine universe you deserve to have it all! So, what's preventing you from having everything you want?

There's nothing that you have to fix!

You already have everything you need in order to create the reality you envision for yourself.

Creating this new reality doesn't have to be this complicated process that we tend to turn it into.

It doesn't have to be all this hard work and more unconscious self-sabotage.

The work to get from A to B CAN be a beautiful life-changing process

It CAN be incredibly easy

It can be as easy as 4 simple things to bring yourself back to when you find yourself becoming distracted 

And the Results WILL feel like pure magic.
Sounds Awesome! I'm Ready!

This is The Process Transformation Method

Year 'Round Mentorship

 You will have access to Deni for weekly guidance as well as connection and accountability from a member of the Transformation Team. We are here together to fully support you in the process of raising your vibration. 

Weekly Calls

 Self Directed Healing and Reprogramming sessions every week in addition to monthly calls with your transformation coach and messenger/email access anytime- you will receive personal action steps to help you get from what you’re experiencing now to receiving what you actually WANT. 

Exclusive Member Community

There are many who find that they don’t have anyone to talk to throughout their journey- in order to create the reality you desire it’s important to surround yourself with people who get the process that you’re going through in order for it to establish a life-long effect 
 Deni is amazing! After 2 phone conversations she successfully removed mental blocks that I have been carrying and struggling with for years.  I feel more healthy and hopeful than I have in decades! She is an angel! 
I'm in!


What is this?

The Process Transformation is a group collective with the main goal of reprogramming and healing on a superconscious level to create the reality that you've always dreamed of but keep running into blocks and limitations

How much does it cost?

While your life-long transformation is incredibly priceless- the weekly sessions with Deni and monthly calls with your accountability coach that would normally be priced around $565- the price to join The Process Transformation Method is only $97/month

This is cool and all, but I've studied A LOT on my own- is there someone I can talk to right now?

You bet! You can join our Facebook Group Heartfelt Awakening Village anytime! There are hundreds of individuals like yourself all over the world!

You can also schedule time to Speak One on One with Deni any time Right Here!

When you heal, we all heal.

Hi! Deni Van here! I'm a Meta-Physician, author, host of Heartfelt Awakening Radio, and creator of spiritual & personal development courses and live training's that help people across the world honor their awakening! Heartfelt Awakening is about community and giving you  the tools to heal a multitude of spiritual symptoms and step into role of being the change makers we so desperately need. Changing the world starts within 

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